New Zealand pigeon or kererū (Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae)

… is a bird endemic to New Zealand. Commonly called wood pigeon.
The New Zealand pigeon is a large, 550–850 g (19–30 oz), arboreal fruit-pigeonfound in forests from Northland to Stewart Island/Rakiura, ranging in habitats from coastal to montane. The New Zealand pigeons are commonly regarded as frugivorous, primarily eating fruits from native trees. They play an important ecological role, as they are the only birds capable of eating the largest native fruits and drupes (those with smallest diameter greater than 1 cm), such as those of the taraire, and thus spreading the seeds intact…

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photos: Kereru Discovery, Matt Binns, and Philip Poole

* FInd out more about Kereru conservation in New Zealand:


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