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Pregnant Woman Put In Choke Hold By NYPD Officer For Illegal Grilling
July 29th, 2014
Less than a week ago Eric Garner was laid to rest after dying from being placed in an illegal chokehold by Staten Island police, and now it looks as if the NYPD has once again, broken the rules.
Their reasoning? Allegedly grilling illegally outside.
Captured on a cell phone video, 27-year-old Rosan Miller is noticeably pregnant, but that doesn’t stop the NYPD from placing the woman in what looks like a chokehold.
Photos released Monday by an East New York advocacy group show Rosan Miller, 27, struggling with a cop who appears to have his arm around her neck.
The NYPD prohibits the use of chokeholds.
Officers went to the home over the weekend because Miller was grilling on a public sidewalk in violation of local law, cops said. But a melee broke out that ended with her, her brother and husband all in handcuffs.
The brother, John Miller, was charged with harassment and obstruction of justice. Her husband, Moses Miller, 34, was charged with resisting arrest and obstruction. Rosan Miller got a summons for disorderly conduct.
Barron pointed out that the woman’s daughter can be seen in the photo watching her mother being choked and arrested.
This is the third incident of the NYPD using an illegal choke hold to make the news this month. On July 14th, NYC officers beat and choked a 22 year old black male for entering the subway through an exit gate.
Three days later, an officer choked Eric Garner to death after he broken up a fight. The officers claimed he was selling untaxed cigarettes but it was later revealed he had none in his possession.
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This is so important. This is so disgusting. This is happening every day.
tall shrimp birb have a dirnk on ahot day
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Mars. In true colour.
Just so you know, a lot of images of Mars which you’ll see have been manipulated. A lot of them have boosted contrast and saturation. So if you’ve ever wondered – images like this one are what Mars actually looks like.

Why does this not have more notes?!?
If you don’t think that’s the tightest shit, you can get out of my face.

i wanted to reblog this so that everyone who sees it can realize just how amazing this is. you are looking at a photograph taken on an entirely different planet. an entire world that has been completely untouched by humanity until only recently. no human in the history of mankind has ever look at those rocks, the soil, the mountains, and the sky until now. and until we finally manage to set foot there for the very first time, no human has ever seen mars from this perspective with their own two eyes or feel the texture of the martian soil on the bottom of their boots. this was only possible by creating a robot, an actual robot, and shooting way out of the reaches of earth and with extremely careful calculations, have it safely land and deploy right where they want it. it’s a robot on another planet being controlled 225 million kilometers away, seeing and studying and sending information for us.
this is the sort of thing you would see in science fiction movies that are only a few decades old. what was only imagination and possibilities back then is now all in this photograph. im looking forward to see what happens in the coming decades

I’m so infatuated by this. 
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I think I might have this weird suppressed urge to lightly offend people because sometimes things that I would never say come out of my mouth at the worst moments and I can feel it coming every time but it still happens

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